The Big Boss pulling up his Aide-in-Chief for slacking on the job.

Big Boss: Aide-bhai, what is happening? You are not writing any new speeches for me to make at my rallies. You’re not coming up with any one-liners I can use against all those Opposition-bhais, particularly, against the Congress-bhais and Congress-bens, like Rahul-bhai and Sonia-ben, and now Priyanka-ben.  What is the matter? Why aren’t you doing your job? Do you want to go on chutti or what? In which case, maybe I should get myself a badli Aide-in-Chief-bhai, perhaps that Vir Das-bhai, or some other stand-up comic-bhai like him.

Aide-in-Chief: No, no, Boss-bhai. You don’t need any Vir Das-bhai, or any other stand-up comic-bhai to write your speeches for you, or think up any one-liners for you to use against anyone, including all these Congress bhais and bens. You’re your own best campaign manager and you have to do nothing but be yourself to win Polls 2019, which have become nam ke wasteh elections. Or rather, NaMo ke wasteh elections. In that they all talk about you, and nothing but you.

Big Boss: All about me, and nothing but me? What do you mean?

Aide-in-Chief: What I mean is that forget all this anti-Pakistan ultra-nationalism and pro-poor stuff, our main selling point to voters is you, and nothing but you. Similarly, the Opposition has nothing on its agenda except it’s against you. So you see, this entire election boils down to you, and you alone.

Big Boss: So this whole election is nothing more, or nothing less, than a referendum on me?

Aide-in-Chief: You could call it that. Though personally I’d prefer calling it a referen-dumb.

Big Boss: Referen-dumb? What’s that?

Aide-in-Chief: It’s a no-brainer. Everyone will vote for you who has a Modi-come of sense …

DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.


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