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[The uploaders added a weird coda on this. Bail at 6:14 when it says “The End”]

While I was being interviewed by Ed Morrissey, he mentioned “Existential Blues”, and he was tickled pink that I knew off the top of my head that it was by Tom “T-Bone” Stankus – like anyone could forget THAT name.

Anyway I wanted to share it with you guys, because it’s a very fun little song. But there’s a problem.

In the original version – the one that I knew and loved and grew up with – the chorus contains one brief line of a song from Man of La Mancha, which in 1985, was considered enough of a copyright violation to force the removal of said line from the song. Which is just stupid. And irritating, because the song doesn’t sound right to my ears without it. Fortunately, the uncut version is available on YouTube.

UNfortunately, looking at the video – a clip from Man of La Mancha – ruins the fun of the song.

But, embedded above is the CUT version of the song, with perfectly timed and chosen visuals. But it’s missing that one line, and sounds wrong in my ears.

So, if you’ve never heard the song in your life, or if you’ve only heard it after 1985, play the embedded video.

If you’re an pre-1985 fan, click the “uncut version” link above. Just don’t look.


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